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Quoyness Cairn, Sanday

The vision of the NILPS is

“Through providing a platform to coordinate resources towards assisting local communities to increase their skills, knowledge and offering of heritage, we will support the North Isles to become more resilient and sustainable. Through engagement and partnership working, we will help towards maintaining the identity of the North Isles and ensure others can experience the intimate landscapes and welcoming people that enliven them”.

The aims and objectives of NILPS are encapsulated as a series of core themes, developed to ensure the projects (and their specific objectives) help in the achievement of the vision for the NILPS scheme area and communities. These are:

A. Celebration of Island Life and Culture

B. Conserving Islander Knowledge

C. Exploring Island Landscapes

D. Equipping Island Communities

These four core themes will cover all of the elements NILPS wishes to achieve through its partnership approach and delivery of projects. They provide the basis for the NILPS vision and a common focus for all partners and stakeholders to work towards during the schemes delivery and beyond.


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